What are the objects of Give 4 B.E.T.H. as a charity?

The objects of the CIO are the relief of sickness and the preservation of health of young people with physical and/or mental disabilities and their families, in particular but not exclusively, by the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice.

Who is eligible for funding?

Give 4 B.E.T.H. funding is for children aged between 0-18 years.

Give 4 B.E.T.H. funding is available to children living in the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex areas.

You will need to provide evidence in support of your funding request such as a letter / email correspondence from your GP/Doctor/Hospital/Physiotherapist. This will be acknowledged and returned to you as soon as possible.

Is there a funding request limit?

No. Give 4 B.E.T.H. has a varying amount of money available each year, depending on fundraising and donation activity. Therefore every funding request received is reviewed and either approved or rejected on an individual basis by the charity’s trustees. Every application will be reviewed in accordance with the charity’s guidelines along with the level of supporting information and evidence provided.

Can funding requests be made for multiple things?

Yes. Funding can be applied for multiple pieces of equipment/services as long as there is supporting evidence provided that they are required for the proposed child.

What can funding be used for?

Funding can be used to cover costs for a wide range of needs as long as it benefits and assists with the intended recipient child’s ongoing and future development.

This can include things such as:

  • Communication Aids
  • Life-Changing Operations
  • Pre-Op & Post-Op Physiotherapy
  • Specialist Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Household Adaptations
  • Specialist Development Equipment (Bikes, Trikes etc)

Give 4 B.E.T.H. does NOT grant funding to cover things such as living and travel costs.

How are funds sent out?

Funds are ALWAYS sent directly to those supplying the service or equipment for the proposed child. Funds are NEVER sent directly to the person that has made the funding application.

When are funds sent out?

Once the requested funding amount is available and upon receipt of a service or equipment invoice from the supplier, payment will be sent via BACS or cheque.

Will reasoning be given if a funding application is rejected?

Yes. As a charity we would obviously love to be in a position to be able to approve every application that we receive. However, this is not currently financially viable and we must continue to manage our charity as effectively and efficiently as possible to continue its successful growth moving forward.


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