An Introduction

Established in December 2011, Give 4 B.E.T.H. (formerly The Bethany Chiddle Fund) was initially setup as a fundraising campaign to help the truly inspirational Bethany Chiddle, aged 4. Beth suffers with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and the aim and dream was to raise an initial £40,000 to enable her to fly to the US and undergo a life changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation. The operation was a chance for Beth to fulfil her dream of being able to walk unaided. The progress and bravery that both Beth and her family have shown to date would bring a tear to anyone’s eye and as a charity we’re so pleased to be part of her amazing life-changing journey.

Recognising that there was no guarantee of funding for children like Beth, Founder and Chairman Rich Sherwell set out to fulfil his very own dream of turning Give 4 B.E.T.H. into a registered charity.

Having been involved with fundraising from the start, Rich was fully aware that there would be many more local disabled children along with their families that would need financial support to achieve their goal.

On June 6th 2014 the dream became a reality as Give 4 B.E.T.H. was given (1157347) registered charity status.

Since that day the charity has come a very long way. With its team of amazing trustees, supporters and volunteers we have been able to support a number of children who we now recognise as part of the fast growing Give 4 B.E.T.H. family.

Who do we support?

We’re currently happy to support children aged 0-18yrs from the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire areas. Funding requests are reviewed and approved or rejected by the charity on an individual basis. See our ‘Funding’ page for further details.

How is the money spent?

As a charity we’re always pleased to say that the majority of income received through fundraising and donations goes directly towards helping disabled children with developmental needs to achieve their dreams.

Here are some of the ways in which money raised has been spent in the past:

  • Funds for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operations
  • Funds to help with an adapted house build
  • Funds for the purchase and installation of a specialist walk in bath/shower
  • Funds for pre-op & post-op physiotherapy
  • Funds for specialist trikes
  • Funds for physiotherapy equipment
  • Funds for a specialist helmet to help cure Plagiocephaly
  • Funds for a communication aid

Meet the team

Rich Sherwell

Founder & Chairman

Kerry Chiddle


Matt Horstead


Kirsty Jones


Yvonne Sherwell


Hannah Sherwell


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Observer Achievement Award for
Special Achievement - Rich Sherwell

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